Wat Rong Khun

Thailand: Uncovered

Episode 4 of the World: Uncovered - series of short films where I take you to the journey around the world. My love of traveling and discovering new experiences has transformed into a dream of traveling around the whole world. This Episode partially covers my month long travels in Thailand. No doubt, it one of the most developed countries for tourism in that region. There is nothing not to love, beautiful landscapes, great food, amazing weather. My path stretched from Mekong River on the border with Laos to the jungles near the border with Malaysia. Main stops included: Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Krabi, Koh Lanta, Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Khao Sok National Park.
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Wat Rong Khun

Wat Rong Khun (ไทย: วัดร่องขุ่น) is a tourist attraction, one of